La Francesa S.A. Tradition and Quality

La Francesa is one of the first Bakeries and one of the first food industries in Bolivia, currently with two generations of experience.

Our vision:

To be a globally competitive company capable of constantly reinventing itself.

Our mission:

Provide nutrition to people.

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Our story:

The history of Panadería Francesa begins by renting a clay oven in the area of Miraflores, La Paz, Bolivia, producing battle bread. Shortly after, by the demand of the market, the year 1958 founds ” La Francesa Ltda “. Thanks to the vision of Don Mario Alfredo Yaffar Corrales in the company of his father Don Jacinto Yaffar Zatt, a Lebanese immigrant, he decides to import ovens from Germany and grows hand in hand with an increasingly demanding demand in all the variety of breads bagged in the lines white and integral. The year 1980 expands its facilities in the city of El Alto where it inaugurates its first modern industrial biscuit plant, then increases its growth to a fully automated second line which helps to rapidly increase its growth nationwide. The year 2005 is transformed into a Limited Company – SICLaF S.A. – “Sociedad Industrial y Comercial La Francesa S.A.” dream come true in memory of its founder.

La Francesa S.A. has been producing products such as the Pancrek Water Biscuit known for more than 4 generations in Bolivian families, sweet, salty, wafer, stuffed, bathed cookies and their delicious Christmas Panettone, first produced in Bolivia in 1975.

In the year 2009, they started to produce Dairy products by installing a milk plant in the city of El Alto, including in this way their product portfolio: whole milk, flavored milk, milk drink and yogurt in 8 flavors.

La Francesa S.A. offers to the local and national market more than 140 products made with the highest quality known by the consumer thanks to the nutritional level, exquisite flavor and health benefits.

The guarantee of a safe and fresh product is maintained throughout all these years since both the packaging and the packaging are recyclable and the plastic wrappings are not toxic.

The French S.A. has two industrial plants located in the cities of El Alto and Cochabamba.

RSE, has also been working with corporate social responsibility ”RSE ” since 2007 formalizing social and environmental actions as a new way of working that compromises its actions with the long-term development of the Company and its environment: employees, suppliers , customers, environment.

Within this program, codes of ethics, order and hygiene programs, nutritional program, family integration program, social integration with the disabled were prepared. La Francesa S.A. has 270 employees of which 04% of its employees are disabled, health program with doctor and plant nurse, training program as factors of personal development such as industrial safety, viral diseases, family planning, good quality practices, sexually transmitted diseases, occupational health, acute diarrheal diseases, program let’s walk together against cancer; management of environmental resources making rational use of energy and water.

La Francesa S.A. has been working for 18 years in the attention of school breakfast contracts with the Municipal Governments of the cities of Oruro, Cochabamba, Sucre, Potosí, El Alto and La Paz, Municipalities of Viacha, Mecapaca – La Paz; Sacaba and Cocapirua – Cochabamba.

The first National Industry in the care of hamburger bread to all the international corporations that arrived in Bolivia as Mc Donald, currently to Burguer King, Subway, KFC, fulfilling all the requirements demanded by each corporation.

It occupied the 1st. place as Paceña Company Leader of the Bicentennial in medium and large companies where more than 400 national companies participated.

It was deserving to national trophies of the National Congress, of the Honorable City Hall of La Paz, recognitions and prizes to the quality in the outside of the Country: Brazil, Spain, United States in merit to its Tradition and Quality.

IBNORCA. Since February 2008 La Francesa S.A. is a partner of IBNORCA – Bolivian Institute for Standardization and Quality, member of the ISO International Organization for Standardization.

Its products are marketed in the cities of: Oruro, Sucre, Potosí, Tarija, Cochabamba, Beni and Santa Cruz.

In 2018 it celebrated 60 years of life, its anniversary was celebrated full of triumphant growth, perseverance, sacrifice, ethics, values, principles of honesty, example inherited from the founder Don Mario Alfredo Yaffar Corrales and his wife Doña Amanda who worked next from her husband both being parents, workers and executives at the same time working from 5 in the morning to 10 at night managed to bring the brand to constant growth leaving a solid and very nice industry to the Bolivian pride, currently their three children , a second generation is at the head of it.