La Francesa is one of the first Bakeries and one of the first food industries in Bolivia, currently with two generations of experience. The history of Panadería Francesa begins by renting a clay oven in the area of Miraflores, La Paz, Bolivia, producing battle bread. Shortly after, by the demand of the market, the year 1958 founds ” La Francesa Ltda “.

Our pancrek biscuits provide vitality and are rich in nutrients. Healthy snacking, for those moments of energy intake or pleasure. They have health benefits and strengthen your bones (calcium) are a heart-healthy food (low in sodium, cholesterol and calories) recommended for patients in clinics and hospitals.

Our quinoa cookies are made with permanent Quality Control supervision, under a HACCP system. They have Gluten Free, Organic (NOP-EU) and Kosher certifications. Available in different flavors with incredible texture, flavor and quality ingredients. Among them stand out our chocolate chips with 80% pure cocoa and a unique artisan finish, you will love them from the first bite.

Our bran biscuit is ideal for all those who follow low calorie diets, due to its low fat content and high protein content. It is made from wheat bran and gluten, it does not contain additional fats, neither eggs nor milk.

Assorted paris biscuits: if we know, it is GREAT news to know that our assorted Paris biscuits provide us with benefits, in addition to micronutrients, they contain vitamins and minerals that promote development, increase intellectual performance, provide energy and help growth, they come with a variety of: sweet cookies, filled cookies, cookies of different flavors.

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There are many variations of our bakery products

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Qkies Doble Chocolate 198 Gr.


Galleta de quinoa con chips de chocolate de 70% cacao.Este producto es realizado a base de harinas de cereales andinos libres de gluten.

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Chambery 170 Gr.


Galleta bañada de delicioso chocolate. Perfectas para acompañarlas con leche La Francesa durante la merienda.

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Cabañita 100 Gr.


Galleta con relleno sabor a limón, chocolate, frutilla y dulce de leche. Perfectas para acompañarlas con un vaso de leche de La Francesa a media mañana.

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Caricia 100 Gr.


Galleta oblea con sabor a limón, chocolate, frutilla, moca y dulce de leche. Perfectas para acompañarlas con un baso de leche de La Francesa a media mañana.

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Festival 50 Gr.


Sweet Cookies mini Festival. Perfect for children to take her to school with her Yogukids from La Francesa.

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Pancrek 1 Kg.


Galleta Pancrek es la galleta de agua preferida de quienes la prueban. Su presentación de kilo esta pensado para acompañar las horas del té de las familias.

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Nevadita 180 Gr.


Galletas rellenas con merengue. Una vez que las pruebas no puedes dejar de comerlas!

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Salvado Canela 500 Gr.


Galletas Salvado Canela. Livianas y saludables, producida en base a harinas integrales ricas en fibra.

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Bigfrut Bebida Láctea 120 ml.


Bigfrut Bebida Láctea sabor Piña – Plátano, Manzana – Pera y Durazno – Mango. Ideal para acompañarte a ti o a los niños en el bolso.

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La Francesa is not only a great provider that has been working with us for many years, from our beginning, elaborating for us a high-quality product that complies with the highest standards that our brands require, but also a strategic partner, a team of people focused on satisfaction, worried and oriented about compliance, with a long term vision.

Rodrigo R. Tapia Ocampo

Rodrigo R. Tapia Ocampo

( CEO Bolivian Foods S.A. Burger King and Subway franchise )

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